Artillery is a game for one to four players who take it in turns to shoot at each other while trying to evade enemy shots. This is made harder by variables such as gravity, wind and the option of playing against up to three AI players.

There is a choice of eight different landscapes, eleven different shots and four different actions.

How to play

Playing Artillery is simply a matter of destroying the other players. This is accomplished by firing shots at your opponents until they are killed or they kill you. If all enemies are destroyed you may get on the high score table.




Version history

2.118/05/2001Two bug fixes related to maximum height
2.010/05/2001Smarter AIs, new shots, new landscape
1.319/04/2001Reflective sides
1.210/04/2001High scores
1.127/03/2001Bug fixes, save/restore game
1.018/03/2001First release
Artillery was originally written as shareware but as I have now migrated to a Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 I can no longer maintain it. The program is therefore now freeware.

Copyright © Nick Sydenham <>