Jester (Java Stored Procedure Tester)

Jester is a tool for developers aiming to test or interrogate stored procedures in a database. In addition, it allows the user to run ad-hoc queries and retrieve table and stored procedure meta-data.

The application is written in Java so it can be used on any machine that supports Java 2. It connects over the network so doesn't need to be colocated on the same machine as the database server. Instructions for installing the application are included in the download.

Jester is distributed under the GNU Public Licence (GPL) so can be used and distributed for free but comes with absolutely no warranty. If you find it useful let me know, along with any feature requests you may have. If you find a bug let me know even quicker and I'll do my best to fix it.

To date this application has been extensively tested against AS400 and Firebird databases. I am fairly sure it will work with Oracle but am unsure about Sybase. If you have any experiences (good or bad) with these let me know.



Screenshots of various aspects of the application.



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