JCards v6

Version 6 is a complete rewrite of the codebase to use many of the features expected in a modern desktop application such as a nice look and feel and extensive usability features. For this reason, v6 is a desktop only release and will not run on PDAs. JCards can be launched by clicking the WebStart link below or downloading the program to a local directory and running it from there.

Due to some of the new features JCards v6 files will not open properly with JCards v5. For this reason, if compatibility with a PDA is important please stick with JCards v5. Note that v6 can open all previous versions and you can save as a v5 database.

If your browser asks what to do with the file then select <java home>/bin/javaws as the helper application.

How to update web start version

WebStart will usually check for updates before starting the application but to manually check run javaws, select JCards and click Launch Online. It will present my self-signed certificate for you to authorise.

Other Options

You will need Java 6 or above installed to run JCards.

Program onlyjcards6.5.1.zip
Program with source codejcards6.5.1-src.zip

The change log is available here.


Some example databases are available here. If you have created a database that you think would be useful to other people then email me a copy and I will upload it.


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