JCards v5

JCards v5 is the most flexible version if you want to run a database program on your PDA and desktop and maintain compatibility between the file versions. Note that this version will not run on mobile phones as they only run J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) which does not support all the features required by JCards v5.

Downloads - v5.1

Zip srcjcards5.1-src.zip
IPK Zipjcards5.1-ipk.zip

Screenshots and Help

Screenshots taken from JCards v5 running on the desktop.

PDA Configuration

JCards can be configured via the command-line or script to tailor itself to smaller PDA screens. Using the -D option to the java command the following settings can be used:

Override the user's home directory
set the location of the properties file

The following can be set in the jcards.properties file:

Shortcuts are removed from menu items as it's difficult for PDAs to enter shortcut keys. Window location is set to 0,0
Set the window width
Set the window height
-Djca.log=<0 to 9>
Output information on what JCards is doing

Example: java -Duser.home=/home/root/Documents -cp=jcards.jar nrs.jcards.JCards


As JCards is distributed under the GPL, source code can be downloaded, modified and exchanged with no restrictions.

Note that the code has been optimised to run on handheld devices with limited memory and processing power; I have therefore tried to minimise the number of Objects in use (particularly event listeners) and coded to the PersonalJava 1.2 specification. Also, to overcome some of the limitations in the AWT I have used a few classes from Sitraka's JClass BWT 3.6.3. File storage is taken care of by using NanoXML. Encryption is provided by libraries from the Legion of the Bouncy Castle. All of which need to be in your CLASSPATH if you wish to compile the source.


Copyright © Nick Sydenham <n-nospam-sydenham@yahoo.co.uk>